Food Animal Services


We offer consulting service to area feedlots along with providing any necessary products at competitive prices. Our veterinarians will do arrival processing, and be there throughout the feeding period for medical expertise when the need arises. Meet with one of our feedlot veterinarians to design the best program for your vaccines, implants and parasite control on your next group of cattle.


From helping you get your cows and heifers bred, to assisting with calving, and to fall processing that prepares the calves to be marketed we have multiple doctors ready to meet these needs.


Our veterinarians are able to assist with medical and management services for both sow units and finishing facilities. Ventilation, nutritional and pathogen monitoring advice will help keep your operation efficient.


We offer emergency services such as OB assistance and DA corrective surgery (right sided approach or roll and tack). In addition to emergency services, we offer herd health and reproductive checks. We can also do mastitis culturing in the clinic, but we would like to work with clients to set up on farm culturing. As a way to prevent mastitis, we welcome discussions regarding parlor evaluations.