Equine-Related Services


Our doctors will help you select what vaccine and parasite control measures are right for you and your horses. We carry a variety of products so that we can tailor to your needs a health program. If one of your animals is sick, we will be able to conduct most blood work in-house, and we can advise what measures either medical or surgical it will take to return him/her to health.


We are able to help your horse stay in better condition by keeping the teeth in optimal condition. Some of this can be accomplished with hand floating minor abnormalities on the farm, but for major work we will utilize our in-house stocks and power float tools. More complicated procedures such as wave reduction and extractions, plus aligning the incisors correctly, are best done in this controlled environment.


We have ultrasound units at each of our clinics so that we can properly stage ovaries to precisely time insemination, and also be able to detect pregnancies at the earliest possible day. Diagnostic efforts such as uterine cultures and biopsies plus selected blood tests can help us settle “problem mares” that are not able to be bred in other settings.


Our doctors utilize x-ray imaging to help identify the cause of lameness in tough cases, and work together with a farrier to trim and shoe correctly to try to correct the problem.